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Free HD Movies and TV Shows on 123Movies:

Discover a wide array of free HD movies and TV shows on 123movies, ranging from Hollywood blockbusters to Bollywood dramas. We offer an extensive collection without the need for registration or additional downloads. If you are seeking subtitles and HD resolution, you are in the right place, ensuring a premium watching experience with no associated risks or fees.

Enjoy Risk-Free Movie Watching Online:

123movies allows you to watch your favorite movies and shows at home without any financial commitment. With our vast content library, you can not only enjoy classic and timeless films but also access newly released ones, thanks to the dedication of our teams. If you cannot find a specific title, our request feature allows you to let us know your preferences, and we shall make it available to you shortly.

The 123Movies Experience:

Established in 2015, 123movies stands out as one of the most popular free online movie websites, boasting around 98 million users at its peak. Our database includes films with various qualities such as HD, HD-RIP, Blu-ray, and camera quality, offering millions of titles for you to browse and watch. The key advantage is full access to every movie without registration, minimal ads, and enhanced cyber risk protection through limited advertisements.

Comparison with Fmovies for Streaming:

While 123movies claimed to shut down in 2018, movie enthusiasts can still access the site using a reliable VPN. Fmovies, another popular platform, offers free online movie streaming, but its content library is smaller, with around 25,000 titles compared to millions on 123movies. Fmovies does not allow downloading of shows and films, making 123movies a seamless and hassle-free choice for your movie nights.

Legality and Safety Concerns:

Watching free movies on 123movies is legal without VPN access. According to copyright attorneys, only sharing and downloading pirated files is illegal. To enhance safety, we recommend using a trusted VPN when accessing our site. With 123movies running since 2015, we prioritize user safety by implementing features such as no registration, no cost, controlled ads, and prompt customer service. Additionally, we advise users to employ a reliable VPN and AdBlock for online surfing, considering the prevalence of scam websites posing as 123movies.

Distinctive Features of Authentic 123Movies:

123movies distinguishes itself with features such as being completely free with no hidden costs, providing HD quality movies and TV shows, maintaining a vast database, being mobile-friendly and Chromecast supported, offering multiple subtitles in different languages, ensuring fast and daily updates, providing responsive customer service, controlling ads and commercials, and presenting a clean and fast UX/UI for an optimal user experience.

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Exploring Alternatives to 123movies:

Save money while enjoying safe and free entertainment by discovering the best alternatives to 123movies. With the added protection of a VPN, you can access numerous movies and TV shows on the platforms listed below, allowing you to stream or download content at your convenience. While the landscape of free online movie streaming sites may change, this is the most up-to-date list available at the time of publication.


Soap2Day stands out as a favorite platform with its extensive collection of movies and TV shows, high-quality resolution, and user-friendly interface. Whether you have a specific title in mind or are searching for something interesting, Soap2Day provides a solution. The website's easy navigation and endless content make it a challenging platform to leave.


For those seeking the latest movie or TV series episodes, Yes! Movies is a top choice. This streaming site features a comprehensive collection of recent releases, offering detailed information about each title. Yes! Movies caters to global movie buffs, providing content from various countries, including India, Pakistan, and Southeast Asia.


MovieStars is a beautifully designed streaming site with easy navigation. Featuring a search box at the top, users can directly type in their desired movies or series. Open to suggestions? Explore categories such as genre, country, and year. The Trending Today section helps users discover what people worldwide are watching. With a vast collection of free movies and TV shows in HD, MovieStars attracts millions of enthusiasts.


GoMovies is a frequently visited site worldwide, offering a diverse collection of movies, TV series, and shows. From Hollywood blockbusters to foreign soap operas, and from the latest releases to childhood classics, GoMovies has it all. If a search yields no results, make a request, and their staff will update it within a couple of days.


VexMovies, a newcomer with rising popularity, caters to all genres. Enjoy top-class streaming without any hassle. With well-built categories and an advanced search function, finding any movie of your choice takes only a couple of minutes. VexMovies offers a premium streaming experience at no cost.


As the name suggests, StreamLikers is for streaming enthusiasts. No sign-up is required; start streaming your preferred movies instantly. With a clean homepage, the site is easy to navigate if you have a title in mind. While the show selection is limited, regular database updates ensure more options for exploration.


For free movie and TV show downloads, AZMovies is the go-to platform. Boasting a professional and sleek design, it resembles a premium streaming site. Choose new films from thumbnails on the homepage, search by name through the top-right corner, or explore by genre and year. While a few ads may appear, they won't disturb you as long as you avoid clicking on them.


Access a vast collection of movies and TV series at WatchFree without sign-up or registration. The enticing interface keeps you engaged for hours, and daily database updates ensure access to the latest releases. If a title is missing today, it might be available tomorrow.


SolarMovie stands out among popular streaming sites, offering unbeatable video quality and features. With no registration required, visitors can watch complete movies and TV series in HD. Searching is easy, either by typing the title in the search box or exploring suggestions based on categories like genre, IMDB ranking, and country of origin. SolarMovie's appeal lies in its user-friendly request feature for specific movies.